Eid Al-Fitr 2016

Funny how unpredictable time can be.

Last year, I spent Eid Al-Fitr in my utmost favorite city, Tokyo. I remembered thinking on my way to Indonesia’s Embassy in Tokyo “so this is how it feels like to spend the winning day outside Indonesia. Wonder how will I spend it next year?”

One year later.

I’m back to Indonesia. Now Sitting on the couch I’ve been sleeping on for the past two days. Dad is clicking through the TV channel, cannot decide what to watch. Mum is in the next room, sleeping. We are at RSPP hospital, where both of my parents have been hospitalized for Dengue Fever. Alhamdullilah, they’re in good condition. Hopefully may go home tomorrow *amin!* Anyway,  this is the first time I spent Lebaran in hospital, one thing I really didn’t expect a year ago.

Next unpredictable thing; this morning I accompanied an important person to the airport. He’s leaving to London for 1 year to pursue higher education in music. My thought? WOW. Pursuing music career is quite uncommon in Indonesia (even in Jakarta) let alone going as far as London to deepen the knowledge. I found people who constantly reaching their dreams are uber cool. Especially this person. I’ve known him well for 9 years (classmates in high school!) and I know by heart that he deserves this chance more than anyone.

1 year consists 365 days, but things can unexpectedly change in a split of second. Despite that 2016 Lebaran didn’t go as usual, but I’m still grateful that I could spend it with the important ones: ohana.

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