Developing Good Habits

is definitely a challenging thing to do.

I am always in awe with people who are “strict” to them self. Starting from little things like wake up early in the morning and do routine morning exercise, strict healthy eating, or as simple as posting regular article on blogs. I figured it’s not an easy thing to do, yet they’re able to defeat the inner laziness and slayed to perfection. After further observation, I also figured that those who’re able to develop good habits in life tends to produce better result in general (which is not a surprise).

So, what I’m trying to say is.. I am in the journey of finding my own way of developing good habits and being strict to my self also. Challenging of course, but not impossible!
I think I will start from waking up early in the morning, help my mom prepare breakfast for the family, and do some light early exercise (investing in long-term vitality)

Wish me luck!

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