Good Laughter with No. 8: Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey is the first teen lit novel I read in 2017. I don’t read teen lit anymore, but this one is special case because of the author. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, its written by my favorite: Sophie Kinsella!

Disclaimer – may contain vital story line. Refrain from reading further to avoid spoiler

The story was about Audrey (14) who was suffering from acute stress and depression. We never knew what was the cause exactly, only a glimpse that it had something to do with school bullying. She was extremely fidgeted and 100% shied away from society. Audrey wore sunglasses indoor, couldn’t interact with people outside her family & doctor, always stayed at home, and even quit school. Sounds bad huh? I think so too. But the way Sophie put it was very light and entertaining! mostly because Audrey’s family is hilariously hilarious.

Audrey’s family was consisted of 5 people: Her parents, older brother Frank (around high school), and Felix (4). Because most of the story took place at home (well, the main character, Audrey, rarely left the building), readers can feel the house ambiance and the closeness of each member. Audrey’s mother was portrait as a beautiful 30s woman who reads The Daily Mail way too much with panicky trait. Not towards Audrey, but to the eldest son, Frank, who was a genuine online game addict. I like the way Sophie emphasize the tough love relationship between Frank and his mom. The way Frank successfully outfoxing his parents (at first), until the point when he accept defeated against his mom (my favorite scene was when the mom was about to throw Frank’s computer out of the window. LOL)

And then, there is the perfect boyfriend, Linus. IF a person like this is ACTUALLY AND TRULY exist in this world, I will definitely fall for him. How could anybody not?! He was portrait as a super nice and understanding personality WITH good sense of humor (gosh, I LOVE people with impeccable sense of humor!!) in the book, it was this relationship that acted as the kick point of Audrey’s progress to normal life.

I think Sophie Kinsella rocks this novel big time. Favored the way she pick the theme of mental illness and school bullying in a light and funny way. This novel can be a good giggle companion for your lazy Sunday afternoon or middle-length flight!

Luna scored : 3.5 / 5

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