Mid-Year Update: How Things Are Going So Far?

Day-1 of June and I’m awake at 05.35 AM! It’s after sahoor and I can sleep if I want, but I don’t really want to. My mind is wandering to bizarre places in silent time like this, right now it is looking back through the last 6 months of 2017. Some aspect change, some still the same, and others are still on going.

Happier Lifestyle: I’m gradually trying to change my lifestyle into a happier, healthier one. Found out there was no point to sulk over depressing stuff.. so just focus on things that makes you feel good with life. In my case, I’m trying to bring out happiness with spending more time with love ones, regular exercise (endorphin shots! Yay!), and cleaner eating habit; lots of oatmeal, veggies, fruits; avoid junk food—I’m still eating pizza tho’ Its part of happiness anyway.

Squash: Owe this to @tchvinkle!! (gracias for inviting on the first place!) we do squash every Sunday as part of regular exercise. Started with dunno how to play at all, 6 months later we are investing on rackets and ball! yeay

Tick-list: Thanks to Evernote, I got my messy life a bit more on track. This app coming v handy to me! especially because I can sync on several devices, and can share notes with other people.

Book reading challenge: As you can see here, I’m challenging myself to read minimum of 2 books every month. It’s going well so far! My favorites are the Kaizen Way, Essays in Love, and Compass to Fulfillment.

Work: i-Dac moved to bigger, better, stronger office! My desk is very spacious, I can literally put everything on it.

2017 is going okay by far. Let’s gambatte for the rest of the year!

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