The World of Ghibli Jakarta

I started watching Ghibli movies during my time studying in Japan around 2015. My first movie was Mononoke Hime, followed by Spirited Away. Personally, I think Ghibli stories were sort of deep and often unusual. Certainly not categorized as “anime for kids” only.

Studio Ghibli, of course, is well respected in their home country, Japan. However, I wasn’t aware of the sum of Studio Ghibli’s loyal fans in Indonesia (which turned out to be MANY). When I heard Kaninga Picture planned to held The World of Ghibli Jakarta, I couldn’t be more excited. The World of Ghibli Jakarta was started in April 2017 with a movie festival (playing 1 Studio Ghibli Movie per month), followed with an exhibition on 10 August – 17 September 2017.

Tbqh,  the exhibition ticket was pertained as pricey. For general audience, it was 300k rupiah on weekdays, and 350k on weekend. This is the most expensive exhibition ticket that I am aware of. I was lucky enough to win one on a quiz (special thanks to Pijaru!)

Real Size Totoro
Totoro to bright up your day!

I was TRULY TRULY mesmerized with the exhibition. It was divided into 3 parts (not sure about the naming tho). The flow and regulations reminds me of most museum in Japan:

  1. Studio Ghibli explanation
  2. Screening Room
  3. Exhibition

The most surprising part is the fact that all installment are produced by local talents in Indonesia! All with their tiny little details. I cannot imagine the hard work behind, but they certainly brought them into Studio Ghibli level of perfection.

Here are several pictures from the exhibition (credit to @tchvinkle)

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