The Strongest Matcha Ice Cream in The World

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Sometime ago I saw a video post on Facebook about this ice cream parlor which claims to serve the strongest matcha ice cream in the world. The place is called Nanaya.

Nanaya Kyoto Sanjo Branch

Actually, Nanaya was started in Shizuoka Prefecture. But now they have several branches in other cities too like Tokyo Aoyama, and lately, Kyoto Sanjo. So.. on one (extra hot) summer day, me and several friends decided to come and taste Nanaya’s strongest matcha Ice Cream in Sanjo Branch.

Nanaya in Kyoto Sanjo is located in a chic alley between Kyoto Kuyakusho Mae and Teramachi. At first, I expected to visit ice cream café or some sort, but turns out Nanaya is more of a gift and matcha omiyage store. They call them self “Sweet Factory”. There are some stalls where you can sit and enjoy the ice cream, but there weren’t many. Note: expect buy-and-go method.

7 Levels of Matcha Ice Cream

The matcha ice cream itself are divided into 7 levels: matcha level 1 (milky taste) to matcha level 7 (thick, bitter taste). The price ranged between 300yen~450 yen if I’m not mistaken. Matcha level 7 is a bit more expensive than level 1 until 6. If you’re not a big fan of matcha, worry not because there are other general ice cream selections like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry taste. Sometimes they also serve seasonal taste (it was mango for summer).

In my opinion, matcha Level 2 is good for matcha beginner (Level 1 tasted too milky). If you like matcha, then ice cream composition Level 3 or 4 can be an option. Up for some challenge? Try level 7 haha. As for me, I ordered matcha level 4 and it tasted just right!

Nanaya’s Matcha Ice Cream Level 4. Total yum!

A very nice experience to taste the ice cream, and would like to come back for second round! You can check Nanaya’s website for more product information.

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