Are We Really Too Old for This?

“I’m too old for this” was the phrase I often heard back in my home country.

But really, are we really too old for all the fun?

Having a chance to live in a country where the elders live with the average age of 85, and centenarians are considered more/less ordinary made me rethink about the phrase “I am too old of this”.

I mean, I was working with an 80-year-old (energetic) Obaachan (grandma in Japanese) to manage a cultural event — FYI, one time she joked “maybe people see me like a ghost because I am here for far too long” loll. Seeing ojiichan (grandpa) riding public transportation alone in Kyoto is something normal. I catch glimpses of trendy ojiichan/obaachan dancing to the latest tunes in Supersonic Festival, and shockingly heard a story about an ojiichan who pursue a Master degree in Kyoto University after his retirement, at the age of 60s, because it is one of his dreams. Further, I think one of my most remarkable was hearing a 70 y.o ojiichan saying “yes, I am going to hike Mt. Fuji (!!) with my grandchildren this weekend” like its nothing big – me fainting a little.

Aside from the population problem, we must admit that Japan does have lively elders. They take good care of their health, have cute sides, and remain very young inside. I think these parts are something we can learn one or two things from.

So, let’s stay young, healthy, and trendy together!! — just forget the “I am too old for this” thought.



3 thoughts on “Are We Really Too Old for This?”

  1. Always love to hear people’s stories abroad 🙂 I used to be one of you and hopefully similar chance comes across in the near future. Greetings from a new follower!


  2. Not sure how I came across your blog but it’s always a delight to spot another blog of Indonesian student abroad. Reminds me of the good old days when I was one of you. Also, lovely writings btw! Hi from a new follower!


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