Piu Café

Piu Café, located between Kitano Hakubaicho Area and JR Emmachi station, was previously called Knob Café (as you can see). The café is located on the first floor of what looks like a small apartment building. After almost two years of living in the Kitano Hakubaicho area, and countless time passing through this café on my way to Emmachi Station, today is the first time I stopped by to have a meal here (finally).

I came here to work on my thesis after two months of trying to do it in the apartment. Honestly, it feels like a breath of fresh air. The café is unusually vibrant today, with most of the tables filled with customers. Coming here in early summer is definitely a right decision. Windows and the doors were opened for air circulation.

Piu or Knob Cafe?
Dry Flowers Decoration

Decoration wise, this café looks like any other popular urban café with an industrial touch. I like the dry flower display and thin tree in the middle of the room tho! They give a sweet accent to the masculine interior. The music selection also matched the interior!

Piu Café has diverse menu selections with more choices compared to other cafés in Kyoto. I ordered a Blueberry Apple Pie, which tasted just right in the early summer like today.

I stayed here for around 2,5 hours and made good progress on my thesis (yay!) I like the environment because after lunchtime passed, the café is not crowded (now only me and another woman working on her laptop too). Since the place is close by and they have WiFi service, I think I will definitely come again.

PS. This café is on page 98 of Kyoto Café Guide 2020!

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