Pre-wedding Photoshoot and a Glimpse to His Childhood

Five months before our wedding in Jakarta, me and danna-san finally found a time to do a pre-wedding photoshoot. At the end of November 2019, we gathered in Tokyo. He came for a business trip while I came for a conference. The preparation for the shoot was already started a month before though. Initially, I… Continue reading Pre-wedding Photoshoot and a Glimpse to His Childhood

Cerita tentang Tahun Baru di Jepang

あけましておめでとうございます!(akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!) Itu adalah ucapan tahun baru di Jepang yang kira-kira berarti "selamat telah memasuki tahun yang baru". Saya rasa, banyak dari kita lega dengan berakhirnya tahun 2020 yang betul-betul di luar perkiraan. Dengan vaksin COVID-19 yang sudah mulai berjalan, semoga tahun 2021 bisa menjadi tahun yang lebih baik! Di akhir tahun 2020 lalu,… Continue reading Cerita tentang Tahun Baru di Jepang

Piu Café

Piu Café, located between Kitano Hakubaicho Area and JR Emmachi station, was previously called Knob Café (as you can see). The café is located on the first floor of what looks like a small apartment building. After almost two years of living in the Kitano Hakubaicho area, and countless time passing through this café on… Continue reading Piu Café

Peringatan 70 Tahun Restoran Yoshiya

Dalam rangka Peringatan 70 Tahun berdirinya Restoran Jepang Yoshiya, serta 60 tahun Peringatan Hubungan Bilateral Indonesia dan Jepang, perwakilan PPI Kyoto-Shiga dan PPI Osaka-Nara diundang oleh Restoran Yoshiya untuk hadir ke restorannya di Arashiyama, Kyoto. Ini adalah kali pertama saya datang ke Yoshiya setelah sebelumnya mendengar cerita dari teman-teman dan baca reviewnya di blog Anissa.… Continue reading Peringatan 70 Tahun Restoran Yoshiya

The Strongest Matcha Ice Cream in The World

Est. Reading Time : 1 minute Sometime ago I saw a video post on Facebook about this ice cream parlor which claims to serve the strongest matcha ice cream in the world. The place is called Nanaya. Actually, Nanaya was started in Shizuoka Prefecture. But now they have several branches in other cities too like… Continue reading The Strongest Matcha Ice Cream in The World

The World of Ghibli Jakarta

I started watching Ghibli movies during my time studying in Japan around 2015. My first movie was Mononoke Hime, followed by Spirited Away. Personally, I think Ghibli stories were sort of deep and often unusual. Certainly not categorized as "anime for kids" only. Studio Ghibli, of course, is well respected in their home country, Japan.… Continue reading The World of Ghibli Jakarta

きくばり| Kikubari

Someone asked "While you were living in Japan, what was the one thing you admire most?" My answer was: punctuality and attentiveness. Or maybe.. Japanese are mostly punctual, because they're attentive (?) I noticed people in Japan are truly care about other people. Not in emotional way.. but more into "I don't want to cause trouble to… Continue reading きくばり| Kikubari

What Happened When I’m Wide Awake at 01.51 AM

I ramble on my blog. (and put some nice pictures from recent trip). Fell knee-deep in love with Seoul! Before this, I went to Korea for 3 weeks as exchange student 5 years ago; stayed in Incheon tho' (was totally different than bustling Seoul.) Hope you will like the photos as much as I do!… Continue reading What Happened When I’m Wide Awake at 01.51 AM

2016 // 2017

後いう間に2016に別れた。Compared to previous 2015 and 2014, I can say that 2016 was a quiet one. 2014 ; after extensive consideration of thinking what did I want to do with my life,  finally decided to 留学 in Japan (best life decision by far). 2015 was the year I lived my dreams. 東京の生活が最高だったね!さらに一人具らしいのおかげ多くの大切なことを大変勉強になりました。I enjoyed and learned so much about… Continue reading 2016 // 2017