The Social Media We Live in

It’s Friday at 23.17 PM. I’m at home enjoying my long awaited weekend kick off. Unfortunately, I also just wasted a precious 1-hour just surfing the social media, looking at things I don’t really wanted to see at first. Basically just got absorbed into a cycle of post/video/group chat, then one thing lead to another. In the end, 10 minutes turned to 1 hour . I blamed the social media for that.

Wait, or should I blame me and my lack of self-discipline? lol

During that wasted 1-hour, I came across sayonara IG post from Sarah Sechan (Indonesia’s top TV personality). Yes, she quits the social media. According to her, she spent waaay too much time pleasing people on social media until she forgot to enjoy whats “real”. Sounds familiar?

We’re living in a generation where social media feels like a staple food. If I can easily spent 1 hour in one-go, then how long do I actually spend on those platforms /day?? *The answer must be shocking, I don’t wanna hear* Fortunately, I’m not the only one trapped in this haha.

We must admit, social medias (esp. my current favo, Instagram) are FUN. For me personally, it’s not because I like to snoop on other people’s life, but because of I love snooping on other people’s talents and creativity. I’m talking about those awesome pictures, illustrators, place’s photography, etc.

Also for some people (me included) social media means work. Working in digital agency opens my understanding about how social media and digital activities has becoming a new darling for brands. It’s an investment. we must go digital. etcetc. So automatically, I need to know what’s the latest feature in Instagram, or how to advertise on Facebook? how to upgrade ads’s performance on those platform? It’s a fun process to learn loh.

So in conclusion, I’m in love and hate relationship with these social medias. Like them for giving inspirations and give me some stable income per month (ha ha), hate them for wasting quite a lot of my time

(I will still use them anyway, just gonna decrease the duration)

Ok, now I’m gonna watch Black Mirrors now. bye

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